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[Linux] Изменение для модуля версии ядра (linux module kernel)

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Date: Tue, 08 May 2001 07:07:16 +0400 From: Alexey Presniakov <> Newsgroups: Subject: [Linux] Изменение для модуля версии ядра AU> Есть ли дpугой способ, кpоме замены ядpа, исpользовать имеющийся дpайвеp ??? Знач так. Если он более-менее подходит, то можно готовый модуль немного обмануть. Эта программка меняет версию ядра для модуля. И они не орут при загрузке: === fixscript starts here === #! /bin/bash # # THIS VERSION IS OBSOLETE - it works in some cases, so I haven't deleted # it, but you really want to get the most recent version from # # # To make this file executable: chmod +x fixscript # This is a very slight edit of the ltfixscript contributed to # the Linmodems Newslist # From - Sun Jul 23 04:27:38 2000 # From: "Mark Spieth" <mark at> # To: <> # Subject: ltmodem symbols and version fixed # Date: Sun, 23 Jul 2000 12:39:44 +1000 # Organization: Digivation Pty Ltd echo "Fixscript V1.21" if [ -z "$1" -o -z "$2" ]; then cat <<END This script changes version number tags of binary kernel modules to match the version of the currently running kernel. It also renames any symbol that the current kernel cannot resolve into their equivalent resolvable symbols. For inserting binary modules into kernels, the fixed module can be inserted with: insmod module which is used in automated kernel module management, rather than forcing module loading with: insmod -f module which is necessary when kernel and module versions are not matched. WARNING! This change is purely cosmetic, and the use of version matched binaries whenever possible is strongly advised. It may crash your kernel due to inconsistencies in data structures between the kernel as it stands and the headers used to originally compile the module being fixed. No guarantees are given or implied under any circumstances. GNU objcopy version 2.9.5 or later is required; this is provided as part of the binary utilities packages such as the Debian binutils.deb USAGE: fixscript input-file output-file END exit 1 fi MI=/tmp/modinfo DI=/tmp/depinfo #new kernel version modinfo section echo -ne "kernel_version="`uname -r`"\0" > $MI #build the objcopy command CMD="objcopy" #for i in `depmod -e $1 | grep -vE "^$1:"` ; do depmod -e $1 2>$DI AWKSTR=\$2 for i in `awk "{print $AWKSTR}" $DI | grep _R` ; do echo doing $i i1=`echo $i | awk '{ gsub(/_R[0-9a-fA-F]+/,""); printf("%s", $1); }'` echo "i1=" $i1 echo " trunc=\"$i1\"" searchstr=$i1"_R" echo "searchstr=" $searchstr new=`cat /proc/ksyms | grep $searchstr | awk "{print $AWKSTR}"` echo " new=$new" CMD="$CMD --redefine-sym=$i=$new" done #replace the modinfo section with the new one CMD="$CMD --remove-section=.modinfo --add-section=.modinfo=$MI" CMD="$CMD $*" #run the command echo "CMD:" $CMD $CMD #remove the section file rm -f $MI rm -f $DI === fixscript ends here === Искренне Ваш, Алексей. [Registered Linux User #157917] [Teams: Linux, Descent, [BAT] Heavy, AMD, Russian Rock, Орловчане] ... Сигнал к атаке - три зеленых свистка наверх.

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